Monday, October 31, 2011

Construction Worker, LadyBug, Puppy....Oh My!

 The kids have had no shortage of activities over the past week to which they could wear their costumes! 

Enjoy the many pictures in this post....and, in case you can't see past the disguises, that's Caleb in the construction worker gear, Meredith in the wings, and sweet little Shane in the puppy costume. ;)

Two weekends ago, we went to our church's Fall Fest.  The kids were able to "Trunk or Treat" (go from car to car to collect candy), "compete" in a 100-yard dash, jump in a pumpkin bouncy house, and play with some friends. 

Collecting candy...

Caleb during the boys''s hard to run in those work boots!

Meredith LOVED the race...while I did pick her up and "zoom" her through the air for the middle 10-20 yards of the race, she ran the rest of it all by herself. I'm pretty sure she was the littlest girly out there.  So cute!

Cutest. Puppy. Ever.  (What's that you say?  I'm biased?) 
Seriously, can I just freeze time so that this little boy stays this little and sweet and innocent and cuddly forever?  Please please please???

Caleb singing in his preschool program this past Friday night...

Unfortunately, my camera battery died just after this (which also happened to be the beginning of the night) so I was unable to snap any more photos from the party. =(

On Saturday, we had a great time celebrating our friend Mikayla's 2nd birthday at a nearby park! All of the kiddos wore costumes, which made it extra special.

Our little swingin' lady...

 Every construction worker needs a truck to drive...=)


And tonight, we did some trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.

Caleb loved going from house to house.  He loved every part of the process...visiting the neighbors, ringing the bells, picking out candy, trying to decipher whether people were actually at home or not based on how many lights were/were not on, etc.

Our little lady, trying hard to keep up with Big Brother...

Enjoying the ride...

It got dark (and cold) fast!  But, who needs a flashlight when you've got a costume with reflectors?

They each got to pick out one treat to have when we got home.  Neither of the kids are a huge fan of candy, though they both like suckers.

While we are cautious with how much "Halloween" we allow the kids to experience (no scary or gory stuff, please!), it is fun to dress up and play with our friends!


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