Friday, June 24, 2011

Some Latest Meredith-isms

Meredith is quite an animated little girl. She is intense, emotional, and sensitive. Oh, and a little dramatic. Typically, what you see is what you get with this little one. No holding back. Emotions are on the sleeve (usually along with some leftovers from her last meal).

Gene-wise, we know who she gets these things from. =) Ultimately though, it is the Lord who has created her this way, and we pray that He would use such characteristics to lead her to love Himself and to love others in a dynamic and sincere way throughout her life.

I often wish that I had a non-stop video-camera that captured the moment-to-moment "plays" of our day, as there are so so many things that my kids do and say that I want to remember forever. Then again, there are a good handful of things I am certainly glad to not have documented! So, I guess it all evens out.

Anyway, the main point of this post is to document a few cute Meredith-isms as of late. While I know that I will never remember everything about this stage of her little life, I do enjoy using this BLOG, as well as my good old-fashioned scrapbooks to serve as ways to document the day-to-day things that I might not recall otherwise.

Meredith is quite a little talker. She has a great vocabulary and puts full sentences are a handful of ways that she regularly uses her words...

1. When someone asks "what time is it?", Meredith will often say "Game Time, Hoo!"

2. She loves to ask questions..."What's he doing?" "What happened?" "What's that called?" We love her curious little mind!

3. A favorite thing to proclaim these days is "I big girl." Sometimes she just likes to stand on something to make herself taller and then say "I big girl." She must know that she is teeny-tiny and that she needs a boost to be bigger!

4. She loves to sing....and is getting pretty good at stringing together the words of various simple songs. Her favorites seem to be "The ABCs" and "Happy Birthday".

5. She loves to tell us what she is doing at all times. "I stomping." "I jumping." (The girl can actually get some air ...both feet fully off the ground...her vertical jump is quite impressive), "I running." "I drinking milk.", "I watching a movie.", etc......

6. The other day, I caught her looking at her reflection in the bathtub faucet saying "I so pretty."

7. She is very independent and loves to yell "I did it!" when she accomplishes something. Oh, and when she doesn't want help with something, she says (demands?) "I do it self."

8. She has pretty good manners, and when she wants something, she says "please" and uses a decent sentence....for example: "More milk, Mommy, please." or "More crackers, please, Mommy."

9. And, maybe our favorite expression of hers is...."Oh Man!" which she says when something goes wrong. Very very very cute.

We love our little girl, and all her little ways.


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