Sunday, March 21, 2010

Silly Moments

Before church this morning, Caleb decided to put on Daddy's shoes. He was positively giddy over the whole thing. He was walking around, laughing up a storm, and would have worn Dad's shoes to church if we let him. You would have thought it was comedy night (morning?) in our house today, we were all laughing so much.

This may not seem to be that much fun to you, but it was one of those moments where we all just stopped in our tracks, forgot about the mad rush that was needed to get out the door, and just laughed together.

Even Meredith was having fun...

These moments, as *small* and seemingly insignificant as they might be, are absolutely priceless to this Mama.

Oh, and don't worry, we still made it to church in plenty of time!


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