Monday, July 28, 2008

11 MonthsOld ...and 11 Things Caleb Loves!

A few recent photographs, taken on his 11 month birthday...

An 11-month old smile...

Fun with Daddy...


Playing at the park...

The past month has been so exciting for Caleb...and for us! It is wonderful to learn more and more about his personality as he works so hard to learn new things and discover the world around him.

Those of you that spend any amount of time with Caleb know how happy and content he is, most of the time! We have truly been blessed with such a happy baby! This being said, thinking of JUST 11 things that he enjoys was a bit difficult, but here are some of the things that make our little boy smile and laugh.

11 Things that Caleb Loves...

1. Caleb loves animals, dogs especially. The other day he tried to "chase" a man and his dog as they walked by our house. I let him crawl halfway down the driveway before getting him. He gets excited when we see dogs on our walks, and he likes watching Cubby, Grandma McCarty's dog.

2. Caleb loves to eat fruit and yogurt. He especially likes bananas, peaches and blueberries. He has yogurt each morning with his breakfast and as soon as we go to the fridge he knows that his "Yobaby" is coming. He gets so happy, he actually yells with excitement as we peel the lid off of the container!

3. Caleb loves to play catch with Daddy. They sit on the floor, about 3 feet apart, and throw a ball back and forth. It is so sweet! Caleb actually has pretty good aim...with his right hand (sorry, dad!).

4. Caleb loves to knock down the towers we build with his blocks. After we build them, he gets really excited and then "crash"! He has yet to learn to build the towers himself, but I am sure he will get there soon enough!

5. Caleb loves to be outside. He has recently "discovered" dirt and is quite intrigued by the bushes in our backyard. He enjoys taking walks and going to the park.

6. Caleb loves swimming. He could spend hours in the water..unfortunately, Mom and Dad tire out long before that! He tries to "catch" the spraying water at the pool we go to and loves to splash. He also likes going down the kiddie slide.

7. Caleb loves to walk when we hold both of his hands, or when navigating himself around the furniture, but is very hesitant to let go. If we let go of just one of his hands he will refuse to continue walking, or just plop down to the floor....not quite ready, yet!

8. Caleb loves to climb on anything he, people, laundry baskets, diaper boxes. The other day (should I be admitting this???) I ran upstairs for a few minutes and the next thing I knew, Caleb had climbed the stairs and was crawling toward me with the proudest look on his face. Oops...time for a gate!

9. Caleb loves his is a necessity at naptime and bedtime.

10. Caleb loves "gravity" other words, he loves to drop things and watch them fall. Maybe he'll be a physicist someday!

11. And, we would like to assume that Caleb loves his parents. He always appears happy to see us and likes to give us hugs and kisses. He affectionately and often says "dada", which sounds more like "dat" with a hard stress on the "t". And, he says "mama" but never quite as affectionately as "dat"....he usually only says "mamamama" in a more demanding way, when he is trying to get my attention. When we get him from his crib after he wakes up from the night or naps, he always has a big smile and some excited giggles for us. It is precious.


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